Do you ever feel a bit boxed-in, as if a struck match of vibrant, explosive light and color is ever-sparkling within your skeleton, anxious for its escape?

Do you ever find yourself staring out a weather-stained window, helplessly romanticizing the life you live, and admitting that you do so?

Perhaps you are like me, then.

Journalling has been an indulgence since I was six. I recently discovered a pink, hardcover notebook with a ladybug on the front from 2004. Its contents were filled with obsessive gushes about the boys in nearby assigned desks and scribbles of one-dimensional maps, the latter a result of blindly holding the pen to the paper and maneuvering it as if my mother was driving her Yukon (go straight for a while on the Big Bridge, turn right, then stop at the stop sign, never minding the ink that bleeds into a gory black pool when doing so). There was another summer, I believe the one after my eighth grade year, that I had made the commitment to write every single day until school started. This was a trend that, remarkably but to my guilty dismay, was broken just once during church camp.

Here I am, yet again, slipping little bits of my soul onto a white surface. No, this blog is not necessarily about my fashion habits, my coffee addictions, or my cross-country road trips with my best, hippie friends. This is simply an assimilation of my thoughts and memories, both those that make me smile to recollect and those that vividly haunt the corners of my bedroom, as I try to sleep, to prod at me with their yellowed, overgrown fingernails. This is, in nearly every sense of the term, a personal blog, so that one rainy day in my thirties I may reopen it and submerse once more into sweet, syrupy nostalgia.

Because, what are thoughts if they are never recorded, other than fleeting wavelengths and electric current?

If you have a listening ear for a good story or two, have your head in the clouds a bit too often, or just need a rest from the standard, brain-numbing politics found nearly everywhere else, I hope that you will brew yourself some chamomile and subscribe. Send me your thoughts. Let’s chat and become friends.


Leksi VasqueIMG_1777z is a student from Texas. She has been awarded in many areas including singing, painting, sketching, speaking, acting, writing, brainstorming, poetry interpreting, and even in various sports. Leksi passionately values a kind, inclusive attitude, and she strives to set a righteous spiritual example as an active member of the Church of Christ. Leksi currently studies biology and works as a resident assistant.